Nova Scotia SPCA announces new Board of Directors for Yarmouth Branch

September 12, 2011

Yarmouth (September 12, 2011) –– The Nova Scotia SPCA is proud to announce the newly appointed Board of Directors for the Yarmouth Branch. The Board has been in place officially since August 18, 2011. The new members include: Jason Curtis (President), Catherine Hole-Smith (Vice President), Natalie Landry (Secretary) and Wayne Hamilton (Director at Large).

"Each member brings a wealth of experience and skills to the table coupled with great enthusiasm and dedication to the mission of the Nova Scotia SPCA. We are so fortunate to have this team at the Yarmouth Branch," said Nova Scotia SPCA Provincial Board of Directors' President, Andrea Carew.

"When the Yarmouth Branch of the Nova Scotia SPCA needed support at a critical time, I and three others, volunteered to form a Board of Directors", said Yarmouth Branch President, Jason Curtis. He added "we believe, above all else, that the Shelter needed to survive. Annually, hundreds of abandoned, ailing and/or abused pets find care and compassion from the SPCA staff and volunteers until a loving home can be found. Our new Board of Directors has no affiliation with any other animal care group nor the previous board; however, we do say thank you to them for their past and continued support for animal welfare in our community and we applaud you. Our community is a caring community that will hopefully continue supporting the Nova Scotia SPCA Yarmouth Branch both financially and with their valuable volunteer time. Our four legged friends certainly need and appreciate it."

The newly formed Board of Directors will be focused on fundraising, community outreach and humane education. Working closely with the Provincial Society, the Board of Directors will support the local Branch and help the shelter fulfill its obligations to the community. At this time, the Board is holding off on additional recruitment as they undertake a number of priority projects for the Branch. Of particular importance is fundraising, as the Branch remains in a difficult financial situation. The Nova Scotia SPCA Provincial Society is funding a current operational deficit until the Branch can regain is financial footing.

"I am very proud of our staff and volunteers who have remained strong under difficult circumstances," said Executive Director of the Nova Scotia SPCA, Kristin Williams. She added "The shelter is doing extremely well. In the last weeks, the shelter has embraced new protocols and procedures; identified priorities for infrastructure renewal, and maintained a meticulous commitment to elevated standards of care in all aspects of its operations. The Society as a whole has embraced a commitment to standardized policies based on industry best practices and all Branches are working diligently to not only meet, but exceed expectations in the provision of services."

The Branch has closed the job competition for a new shelter manager and will be beginning interviews shortly. The Branch has also withdrawn pick up and enforcement duties related to animal control due to a lack of adequate funding and the risks posed to staff and volunteers in encountering dangerous animals and circumstances. The Branch remains committed to providing pound services and has been engaged with the municipalities to consider options and opportunities moving forward. Williams stated that "we have offered our unwavering support to the communities of this province and will always offer a high standard of care, the support and oversight of our Provincial Society, the strength of our provincial network of Branches and a professional level of service."

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